What we offer

Knowing the sector in depth, we aimed at three aspects necessary to maintain lasting relationships over time, which allow us to follow and satisfy our customers wherever they are both in Italy and abroad.

The foundations on which we’ve focused are speed, efficiency and professionalism.

Speed: Thanks to an experienced team and an internal warehouse with over 6000 items, we are able to quickly process requests, intervening promptly in case of emergency.

Efficiency: We operate throughout Italy and abroad. Thanks to our fleet of mobile workshops and our offices with over 2000 square meters. Properly equipped, we are able to guarantee the quality of our services even in the phase of work on the road.

Professionalism: Expert technicians in the sector at 360 °, thanks to the vast knowledge of various brands, we are able to intervene on mechanical, electronic and automation components.

Land Engines

We also operate in the land sector from locomotives to generating sets, working on the road with speed and efficiency, whether it is for scheduled maintenance or emergency repairs.

Electric Generators

Our team of electricians is able to operate safely and effectively on electrical generators and alternators, alarms and various systems to ensure the best possible control over every part of the motors.

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